Artesian Wells north of Durango - Hermosa Area

We have recently had the opportunity to drill two water wells in the Hermosa area north of Durango. On both of those projects, we’ve encountered artesian conditions for our clients.

Artesian wells are drilled just like any other well. The only difference is that in the case of an artesian well, the water encountered is under pressure. The States that we operate in (Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah) all define an artesian well slightly differently. New Mexico however defines it as “A well that penetrates a saturated hydrogeologic unit and allows underground water to rise or move appreciably into another hydrogeologic unit, or allows underground water to rise to freely flow at the ground surface.” NMAC.

Fortunately for our clients, these two recent wells have flowed at the surface which is not always the case with artesian wells. These clients have water pressure at the surface and may be able to operate without a well pump for a time.

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