Filtration needs in La Plata and Archuleta Counties

La Plata and Archuleta counties have areas with excellent water quality. But like anywhere else, we also have water that doesn’t quite meet the smell, taste or color tests. Much of the water in the area can be quite hard as well. We get calls frequently asking what can be done to improve the various water quality challenges in the area.

Years ago, we began putting our staff through training to help identify filtration options for the most common water quality concerns. We frequently install water softeners to address hard water, carbon filters to help with sulfur concerns, sediment filters to help control sediment pumped from the well, reverse osmosis systems for drinking water, and chlorination systems for commercial water providers.

If you’re considering water treatment of any kind, the process that we follow to determine what you need is:

  1. Gather a water sample. DAK performs a FREE in-house water test that measures things like hardness, pH, Manganese, Sulfur and Nitrates.

    1. Other lab quality tests are available at a cost if there are concerns about heavy metals, arsenic, or other harder to test for constituents. See our water quality analysis page for more information on the tests we offer.

  2. We send the water sample results to experts that we work with to identify the best treatment options.

  3. Prepare a customized quote for your water and send to you.

At this point, you decide which of the options you’d like to implement, pay a deposit, and we schedule the installation.

If you’re considering treatment for water that has some undesirable qualities, we’d be happy to help. Call your local Durango and Pagosa Springs Pump Company, DAK Drilling @ 970.247.9685.