Traffic Signal Upgrades (continued)...

On October 22, we wrote a blog about traffic signal upgrades that we were performing with our HDD/ Directional Boring Rig in Southwestern Colorado. Well we finished that project last week and it was certainly a learning experience.

Due to the very high traffic on this roadway, we could not close anything more than one ‘right’ lane. The goal was to install three conduit lines through which the customer would tie the traffic signals together. We attempted a few weeks back to bore under the roadway but ran into rock and boulders through which we could not drill. After a couple weeks of wrestling with the decision of what to do, the Transportation agency decided to perform shallow boring. This directional boring would take place within the road base just under the concrete of the roadway surface.

There was anxiety all around as we drilled the bores but it worked beautifully. Once we cleared the high pressure gas line, each of the three lines were drilled and installed successfully.

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