Utah Cathodic Protection Wells? Why Yes... Yes we can!

At DAK Drilling, we’ve been drilling and installing Cathodic Protection wells for several years and we’ve recently had the opportunity to do some more.

One of the major Oil & Gas companies in the Four Corners recently had us drill and install some cathodic protection wells near Vernal, UT; near Rifle, CO; and Kimmerer, WY. This is a client with whom we’ve worked before.

On this project, we completed a 300 foot well in a day and the company man asked how we’re able to complete a well that deep in such a quick time-frame when other companies with whom he’s worked will take a week or more for that sized well.

The answer lies in the who DAK is. We want your business. We want to offer value and expertise. And we know time is money (for you and for us!).

Please call us if you’d like to consider using us for your next project. We’re licensed in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, & Kansas.