Directional Boring - Traffic Signal Upgrades in Durango, Colorado

One of the exciting things that we’ve been doing for the past several years is Directional Boring for utility service. Directional boring (also called Horizontal Boring or HDD Drilling) is the primary means of drilling under roadways, waterways, or structures to install utility lines. We have crews devoted to this activity in Utah but also operate a rig and crew in the Four Corners area.

We’ve recently been asked to drill and install utility lines for a couple of new traffic signals in Durango. We just completed a portion of this project and had great success. We’re excited to add another skill to our tool belt to better help our clients.

We perform directional boring for homeowners and for our municipal & commercial customers equally. If you need to extend utility service to an area, we’d love the chance to quote your project. Please contact us to learn more! DAK Directional Boring 970-247-9685