Filtration needs in La Plata and Archuleta Counties

La Plata and Archuleta counties have areas with excellent water quality. But like anywhere else, we also have water that doesn’t quite meet the smell, taste or color tests. Much of the water in the area can be quite hard as well. We get calls frequently asking what can be done to improve the various water quality challenges in the area.

Years ago, we began putting our staff through training to help identify filtration options for the most common water quality concerns. We frequently install water softeners to address hard water, carbon filters to help with sulfur concerns, sediment filters to help control sediment pumped from the well, reverse osmosis systems for drinking water, and chlorination systems for commercial water providers.

If you’re considering water treatment of any kind, the process that we follow to determine what you need is:

  1. Gather a water sample. DAK performs a FREE in-house water test that measures things like hardness, pH, Manganese, Sulfur and Nitrates.

    1. Other lab quality tests are available at a cost if there are concerns about heavy metals, arsenic, or other harder to test for constituents. See our water quality analysis page for more information on the tests we offer.

  2. We send the water sample results to experts that we work with to identify the best treatment options.

  3. Prepare a customized quote for your water and send to you.

At this point, you decide which of the options you’d like to implement, pay a deposit, and we schedule the installation.

If you’re considering treatment for water that has some undesirable qualities, we’d be happy to help. Call your local Durango and Pagosa Springs Pump Company, DAK Drilling @ 970.247.9685.

Life cycle of a water well and well efficiency over its life cycle

A big part of our business is rehabilitating wells that have declined in performance or replacing wells that have reached the end of their life cycle. We understand that replacing a well is a difficult decision and one that comes at a cost. We also understand that like anything else, a well will last a long time if taken care of but it will not last indefinitely. It does have a life cycle and the efficiency of your well declines over time, no matter the well.

Regular rehabilitation can increase the efficiencies of a well but seldom will the rehabilitation improve the well over and above what its efficiency was when it was installed. So do we recommend regular well maintenance, yes we do. But regular maintenance will not eliminate the need for a replacement well, it will only delay (sometimes significantly) the need for a replacement.

A hydrogeologist that I greatly respect wrote an article entitled “Life-Cycle Economic Analysis of Water Wells” that is based on his time designing and working with wells in the Phoenix valley. This is an insightful article. Unfortunately, pvc as a casing is not discussed in great detail in this article but in my mind I put pvc in with stainless steel in terms of enduring downhole (assuming no great stress on the pipe).

We hope you enjoy this article as it describes how well materials can play a big role in extending the life cycle of a well.

If you need help deciding if its time to clean your well or do other maintenance, call us at DAK Drilling and Well Service. We’re here to help your well last as long as possible. 970-247-9685

Traffic Signal Upgrades (continued)...

On October 22, we wrote a blog about traffic signal upgrades that we were performing with our HDD/ Directional Boring Rig in Southwestern Colorado. Well we finished that project last week and it was certainly a learning experience.

Due to the very high traffic on this roadway, we could not close anything more than one ‘right’ lane. The goal was to install three conduit lines through which the customer would tie the traffic signals together. We attempted a few weeks back to bore under the roadway but ran into rock and boulders through which we could not drill. After a couple weeks of wrestling with the decision of what to do, the Transportation agency decided to perform shallow boring. This directional boring would take place within the road base just under the concrete of the roadway surface.

There was anxiety all around as we drilled the bores but it worked beautifully. Once we cleared the high pressure gas line, each of the three lines were drilled and installed successfully.

If you need a company on your team that is competent and does what it says it can do, please contact us. We’ll be happy to give you the information you need.

Utah Cathodic Protection Wells? Why Yes... Yes we can!

At DAK Drilling, we’ve been drilling and installing Cathodic Protection wells for several years and we’ve recently had the opportunity to do some more.

One of the major Oil & Gas companies in the Four Corners recently had us drill and install some cathodic protection wells near Vernal, UT; near Rifle, CO; and Kimmerer, WY. This is a client with whom we’ve worked before.

On this project, we completed a 300 foot well in a day and the company man asked how we’re able to complete a well that deep in such a quick time-frame when other companies with whom he’s worked will take a week or more for that sized well.

The answer lies in the who DAK is. We want your business. We want to offer value and expertise. And we know time is money (for you and for us!).

Please call us if you’d like to consider using us for your next project. We’re licensed in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, & Kansas.

Directional Boring - Traffic Signal Upgrades in Durango, Colorado

One of the exciting things that we’ve been doing for the past several years is Directional Boring for utility service. Directional boring (also called Horizontal Boring or HDD Drilling) is the primary means of drilling under roadways, waterways, or structures to install utility lines. We have crews devoted to this activity in Utah but also operate a rig and crew in the Four Corners area.

We’ve recently been asked to drill and install utility lines for a couple of new traffic signals in Durango. We just completed a portion of this project and had great success. We’re excited to add another skill to our tool belt to better help our clients.

We perform directional boring for homeowners and for our municipal & commercial customers equally. If you need to extend utility service to an area, we’d love the chance to quote your project. Please contact us to learn more! DAK Directional Boring 970-247-9685

Artesian Wells north of Durango - Hermosa Area

We have recently had the opportunity to drill two water wells in the Hermosa area north of Durango. On both of those projects, we’ve encountered artesian conditions for our clients.

Artesian wells are drilled just like any other well. The only difference is that in the case of an artesian well, the water encountered is under pressure. The States that we operate in (Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah) all define an artesian well slightly differently. New Mexico however defines it as “A well that penetrates a saturated hydrogeologic unit and allows underground water to rise or move appreciably into another hydrogeologic unit, or allows underground water to rise to freely flow at the ground surface.” NMAC.

Fortunately for our clients, these two recent wells have flowed at the surface which is not always the case with artesian wells. These clients have water pressure at the surface and may be able to operate without a well pump for a time.

We’d love to speak with you about completing a well for you. Please contact us at DAK, Durango’s most experienced well driller. 970-247-9685.

Well Drawdown and Pump Testing Calculations

As a licensed well driller in Utah, we have occasion to go to the Utah Division of Water Rights website from time to time. We recently were looking for some well logs and stumbled upon a rather incredible resource. They have a calculator on their site for “Theis Equation Calculation for Aquifer Testing and Well Drawdown”. While this calculation is a little advanced, it is the ‘gold standard’ for processing Aquifer Testing results.

Internally, we present results in a more simplified manner than that shown on the attached website but for those who want more information, having the calculation performed on a website or downloading the excel sheet is a rather convenient option.

DAK Drilling is able to perform pump testing for our clients to help them decide what their well will produce. If you need help deciphering that information, please let us know.

DAK Well Service and Drilling, a Utah Licensed Well Drilling Contractor. 970-247-9685