• Fiber Optic, Gas, Water and Cable Installation and Replacement

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline Boring

  • Utility Maintenance Services

  • Conduit Installation & Cable Replacement

  • Roadway Boring

  • HDPE Conduit Installation

  • Boring, Trenching and Directional Drilling

  • River, Canal, and Wetland Area Boring

DAK has been performing directional boring services for several years for our oilfield, residential, and municipal clients.  We install and maintain fiber optic, coaxial, gas, water and sewer utility lines. Our mining clients call on us for horizontal boring related to mine dewatering and slope stabilization purposes.

We have worked with many of the utility service providers in Durango, Colorado and the Four Corners area to maintain or install utility lines.

Our trenchless technology HDD rigs can drill and pull various materials up to 16" in diameter. HDD allows us to directionally bore without compromising existing utilities, disrupting traffic, or damaging existing infrastructure in congested or environmentally sensitive areas. Our tools allow us to know where the bit is at every second so that we can avoid other utilities and increase drilling efficiency thereby reducing costs.

We maintain three HDD rigs for our directional drilling services and would be happy to discuss whether HDD is a good fit for your utility project.